Offer to your customers a new, more engaging shopping experience for better results.

With SmartBip, you can digitise your shop, transforming it into a true smart retail experience while also competing with online shopping platforms.

Analyse consumer buying behaviours and profiles.

Create custom marketing strategies for each target market, offering custom promotions such as coupons on the receipt that can be used immediately, and facilitate campaigns tailored to the interests of customers. Plus, you can manage the digital flyer and loyalty programme integrations directly from the back end.

Offer extra services while minimising costs.

Modular and highly customisable, the SmartBip platform can be run on the cloud or on-premise. Plus, it integrates perfectly with the software you already have in your shop, making the activation of new digital services fast and easy.
The result? Your customers will be completely independent as they select and purchase items, while you manage everything directly, optimising personnel costs.

Designed by you, programmed by us.

Every element of SmartBip can be customised. From the layout to the features, you decide how to build the platform and make your shop even smarter.