SmartBip is the name of our platform: it works as a Middleware / API Gateway between the internal systems of the retailer and the App and Web frontends, providing services that optimize and secure dialogue between the parties.

No, it is possible to install SmartBip also On Premise, depending on individual needs.

No, SmartBip is a platform that can be easily adapted and customized to meet the needs of each retailer.

Yes, the app can be customized in all its parts with logos, colors and designs desired by the individual customer. Everyone can decide which features and which services to activate based on their digital strategy, knowing they have a complete platform in continuous development.

Absolutely yes: for us, security and privacy are a milestone.
Even in the case of a Cloud solution, each retailer will have its own dedicated instance and no data will be shared with other customers, in any form.

All data managed by SmartBip are property of the individual customer, who has full availability of it depending on the level of detail requested.
All in compliance with the rules dictated by the GDPR.

Yes, SmartBip is designed and developed with a neutral multi-tenant logic independent of the legacy systems of the single retailer.
Integration can take place at various levels (backend, frontend, CRM, CMS, etc.), using, where possible, the communication channels already present in existing systems.

Yes, through the Apps (both IOS and Android) you can manage all the features of the platform, from self-scanning to the "click and collect" function up to e-commerce.
Also the promos, interactive flyers and loyalty cards are managed directly in the App.

To maximize the potential of Mobile Self Scanning in the App or with dedicated terminals, we have developed a system that allows you to view offers dedicated exclusively to the type of user selected.

It is therefore possible to profile offers based on the target and / or location of the individual user / point of sale. These promos are redime directly at the time of payment.

The retailer, having direct access to the platform, can modify, activate and manage the smart-promises independently and at any time.

Yes, it is possible to integrate both with RT printers and directly with the RT adapters / servers based on the systems in the store.